Automotive is the most desirable sector to work in Europe

Automotive is the most desirable sector to work in Europe

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Automotive is the most desirable sector to work in across Europe ahead of engineering, FMCG, information technology and agriculture.

That’s a key finding research from human resources company Randstad. In Europe workers ranked the Automotive sector as number one (46%), followed by Life Sciences (44%) and Industrial (44%).

Globally, engineering was the top sector followed by automotive, IT, agriculture and fast moving consumer goods.

The report found that employers across all sectors are struggling to hire and retain talent, with 70% of all workers open to new job opportunities.

The pandemic had also led to employees reprioritizing work in their lives with nearly half (48%) saying they would quit their job if it was preventing them from enjoying life and a third (34%) saying they have left a role because it didn’t fit within their personal life.

Joanna Irwin, Randstad CMO, said: “This year’s Randstad Employer Brand Research signals that the tides are changing in terms of which sectors are seen as the most attractive for employees. Increasingly, talent wants to work in sectors that make an impact in both the physical and digital world.

There’s still a job to do for employers in these sought-after industries to ensure that they are removing the barriers to entry for willing talent. Offering reskilling and upskilling programs can help employers stand out from the crowd and attract workers.”

Ranking of attractiveness Sector 2022 2021
1 Engineering 60% 50%
2 Automotive 59% 54%
4 Agriculture 57% 57%